Shawn S. Choi

Multidisciplinary designer and educator. Passionate about design that makes a positive difference for individuals and the greater community.

About me

Design should be functional and intuitive.

Yet, I find that this isn't always the case. And this is what inspires me to work hard to ensure that this does become the case.

Taking a user-centred approach begins with empathy. From a user's perspective, I have seen first hand the negative implications that poorly designed products can have on the end user experience. I am deeply motivated to continue to find opportunities to challenge and improve designs, leaving them better than when I first found them.

No matter the client, workplace, or project, my mission remains the same: to positively affect individuals, communities, and values, through good design.

I view each project as a unique opportunity for me to learn and grow. While attention to fine detail is the foundation for great work, I also believe that clarity, curiosity, and collaboration are vital for any project to succeed.

Since earning my bachelor's degree in Communication Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, I have worked as a designer in e-commerce, tech, and creative agency settings for the past decade. I have taught communication design for post-secondary students, helping them find their own voice in design. I continue to find joy in mentoring students of design.

Currently, I serve as a Senior Product Designer for Cortana's Search & Assistant team at Microsoft. I bring assistive experiences to M365 products to help with productivity tasks that are more easily accomplished through conversational technology. I would consider Microsoft to be a company which shares many of my own values and guiding principles, with a focus on empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more through technological innovation.

As I move forward in my career, I look forward to continuing to collaborate with talented and inspiring people across the globe to create functional, intuitive, and meaningful products and experiences.

I'm currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you want to say hello or learn more about my experience and expertise, I invite you to connect with me via LinkedIn.