Moriyama Daido

Moriyama Daido

Art exhibition branding (conceptual)

Moriyama Daido is a world-renowned photographer and artist whose work has profoundly influenced and shaped one of my core design philosophies: Capture the beauty in every corner of life and the world around you; the little things that no one notices or recognizes, yet is amplified through masterful design.

Ever since I came across one of his books during university, I immediately fell in love with his work. It commands your attention. I have since come to the conclusion that my mind is much like Daido's camera lens: It takes in everything–some things are crystal clear, while others are barely noticeable. And yet, all things are equally important to shaping the end result.

In 2014 while travelling in London, I visited the Whitechapel Gallery. It was a transformative experience that is hard for me to put into words. Taking a step back, I have found a striking similarity between what I felt that day at the gallery, and what I feel whenever I look at any of Daido's photographs: It's out there, but it can also be easily unnoticed.

Merging my love of both unique artistic experiences, I felt inspired to conceptualize this hybrid tribute project. Working with the premise that the Whitechapel Gallery would host a show featuring Moriyama Daido's work, I created the overall exhibition branding for what I imagined it would look like, while taking into account both online and offline promotional contexts and materials.

Although just a figment of my own imagination, I hope that an exhibit like this would take place someday. Rest assured, I would eagerly be standing first in line.

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