iOS application (conceptual)

As a student and enthusiast of the French language, I have naturally found myself interacting with many different verb conjugation apps to help supplement my language studies. What I have found through trying these various apps is that many aren't very user-friendly: Key information can be cluttered and not well-organized. The interface of these apps themselves feel a bit dated and not that visually appealing. The tone and personality often come across as cold, dry, or robotic.

My personal relationship to the French language is one that I associate with feelings of warmth, encouragement, and amusement. I want Voilà to be a reflection of this.

Between my decade of experience working closely with Francophones, becoming close friends with many amazing individuals across Eastern Canada, and since I started studying French, I've come to develop a deep appreciation for the language. Conjugating verbs doesn't need to feel challenging or intimidating. My goal through Voilà is to help make this learning activity feel a little more accessible to Francophones–both native speakers and new students alike. I hope I can share my love of the language with users.

My RolesArt Direction, Branding, User Experience, User Interface, Visual Identity
CollaboratorsAnneliese Herbosa, Petra Sitaru, Sylvain Turner