Microsoft 365 Copilot. Screenshots from the AI productivity tool and other Microsoft 365 apps displayed on a tablet device.


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The pandemic has profoundly transformed our professional landscape, blurring the distinctions between workspaces and work hours, prompting more flexible and adaptable work paradigms. Yet, this shift also introduced complexity as users grapple with information overload and increased administrative tasks. To mitigate this, Microsoft aimed not just to improve current systems but to revolutionize work methodologies.

Upon joining Microsoft's Cortana team as a Senior Product Designer, I became part of a team initiative aimed at redefining work paradigms. Together, we integrated assistive, conversational AI experiences into M365 products. This transformative measure enabled users to manage tasks via voice, thereby enhancing accessibility and inclusivity. Our collective effort underpinned Microsoft's broader vision of a transformed work landscape.

Now, as part of the M365 Core Studio, we're channelling our energy into defining user experiences for Microsoft 365 Copilot, a next-generation AI tool. Our aim is to capitalize on its ability to integrate large language models with user data from the Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps, transforming user input into a powerful productivity tool.

Our journey at Microsoft continues to be a vibrant exploration of the ever-evolving landscapes of design and AI technology. Together, we're discovering and harnessing their immense potential to shape the future.

Please note: While mindful of the confidentiality protocols that surround incubation projects, the specifics detailed here are limited to those publicly released.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot


Email inbox on a Outlook Mobile application with a list of emails from different senders, each accompanied by their profile pictures. At the bottom, theres a voice assistant interface with tappable suggestions.Message list on a Teams Mobile application with a list of chats from different senders, each accompanied by their profile pictures. At the bottom, theres a voice assistant interface with tappable suggestions.
An array of devices displayed side by side, each showcasing a different feature of Cortanas integration with the Outlook Mobile app. The screens highlight the voice assistants diverse capabilities in managing both email and calendar-related tasks.