My creative playground, a miscellaneous collection of personal and experimental projects. A red tumbler donning a Canadian maple leaf icon with the Government of Canada branding is bursting open with an outpour of coffee.

My Playground

Miscellaneous collection of personal and experimental projects

The projects featured on this page are a collection of my personal and experimental work. While they aren't considered part of my official portfolio, it is important for me that they still have a home. This is my creative playground.

I believe that everything I create becomes a crucial part of my overall learning experience–even if they may not hold any particular meaning. Through embracing even the most random or seemingly useless ideas, I always learn or discover something new about myself in the process.

Two key questions I ask myself before diving into any project are: Will I learn something new? And, will I have fun? These projects had me saying to myself, respectively: Yup, totally. 100%.

I plan to update this page regularly. The types of projects you can expect to find here will include: my personal twist on everyday objects or ordinary concepts, reimagining digital products I use personally, projects that I wouldn't typically get to do at work, along with miscellaneous designs which reflect niche topics I am interested in at that moment.

Mockup of conceptual street posters promoting a fictional concert featuring Yo Yo Ma and Tupac Shakur. In this make believe concert scenario, Ma and Shakur join forces to celebrate International Day of Peace which is recognized annually on September 21st through their impactful music.
Wall art of the Ukrainian flag, to show support when the Ukraine-Russia war broke out. Artwork inspired by one of Shawns Ukrainian friends.
Illustration of a conceptual physical newspaper stand for Vancouvers digital news publication Metro.Mockup of wrapping paper which features a proprietary pattern of Shawn S. Chois monogram, caricature, and character/symbols.
Mockup of a Viagra pharmaceutical pill box parodying the No Name brand identity. Inspired by the juxtaposition of No Name brands cost effective products in contrast to big pharmas costly products, Shawn imagined what such product packaging could look like.
Mockup of a physical art poster. Featured photo in the black-and-white high contrast style of Moriyama Daidos signature photography.Mockup of a physical art poster. Featured photo in the black-and-white high contrast style of Moriyama Daidos signature photography.
Mockup of a conceptual sports training jacket which draws from brand elements from Shawns alma mater, Emily Carr University of Art + Design.
Logo design for Here & Now, an aromatherapy oil botanical brand.Mockup of amber bottle logo design for Here & Now, an aromatherapy oil botanical brand.
Mockup of a stack of branded cardboard boxes with labels that say "greenhouse gas emissions, proudly made in Canada" as a social commentary piece on climate change. Data released by the International Energy Agency in 2018 indicated that Canada was one of the top 10 greenhouse gas emitters in the world.