My Playground

My Playground

Miscellaneous collection of personal and experimental projects

The projects featured on this page are a collection of my personal and experimental work. While they aren't considered part of my official portfolio, it is important for me that they still have a home. This is my creative playground.

I believe that everything I create becomes a crucial part of my overall learning experience–even if they may not hold any particular meaning. Through embracing even the most random or seemingly useless ideas, I always learn or discover something new about myself in the process.

Two key questions I ask myself before diving into any project are: Will I learn something new? And, will I have fun? These projects had me saying to myself, respectively: Yup, totally. 100%.

I plan to update this page regularly. The types of projects you can expect to find here will include: my personal twist on everyday objects or ordinary concepts, reimagining digital products I use personally, projects that I wouldn't typically get to do at work, along with miscellaneous designs which reflect niche topics I am interested in at that moment.